HeartStation Rescue Case
HeartStation Rescue Case

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HeartStation Rescue Case
HeartStation Rescue Case

Return Policy

HeartStation will gladly accept the return of any of our products within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of original purchase by simply requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Assignment Number). The RMA can be requested by contacting our Customer Service Department at 800.818.2939. The return of products will be credited for their full value providing that:

They are free of defects that may have occurred as a result of tampering, manipulation, installation or careless return shipping and handling.

Products that have been damaged during the course of inspection, installation or abuse will be "charged back" to the customer/distributor in accordance with established billing policies or agreements. Shipping and handling charges will be waived if the product as delivered is found to be defective from our production or from shipping when HeartStation has arranged for the shipping carrier.

Third party shipping arrangements are the sole responsibility of the customer/ distributor that arranged for the shipping and its respective insurance coverage. HeartStation is not responsible for damage occurred in shipping from third party arrangements.

While we make every attempt to ensure that our products leave our facility in the best working conditions, occasionally electrical or metal components will become loosened or be damaged in shipping. HeartStation Manufacturers Limited Warranty covers the repair/replacement as follows:


1. RescueCase is covered by a comprehensive one-year limited warranty against failure due to substandard material and workmanship, pursuant to which “HeartStation’s?sole obligation shall be repair or replacement of such parts. This agreement does not include parts or service required as a result of damage by abuse, misuse, accident, fire, water, riot, vandalism, strikes, demonstrations, building collapse, Acts of God such as flood, earthquake, lightening, storm or unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts.

2. RescueCase glass or plexi-glass surfaces are covered by this agreement for a period of one-year. This extends to fading, peeling, cracking or chipping of screened lettering on the plexi-glass surface. This agreement is void as a result of terms described prior as well as unauthorized cleaning agents.

3. Batteries are covered under the terms of this agreement for a period of three months. All batteries are fully tested and power levels are recorded prior to our shipping. Use of the RescueCase along with the environment that the case is placed within greatly reduces the longevity of the lithium batteries included in this system. HeartStation?is not responsible for any liabilities resulting as a result of battery failure. The “Owner?assumes responsibilities associated with maintaining battery systems.


4. “HeartStation?is not responsible for equipment not directly sold by “HeartStation? Automated External Defibrillators are covered by their existing warranties. “HeartStation?shall not be responsible, and “Owner?assumes all responsibility, for any personal injury, death, disfigurement or other court appointed damages arising out of the operation of the equipment. “Owner?agrees to indemnify, defend save “HeartStation?harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, deaths or liabilities of any kind arising out of or in connection with any injury or damage to persons or property on or about “Owner?facility and the use of any A.E.D.

“HeartStation?is not responsible for theft of A.E.D. unit’s .The RescueCase has been designed as an alerting device to summon assistance in cases of rescue attempts.


The terms of this agreement become void if the “Registration For Limited Warranty Agreement?is not mailed within thirty days of purchase by “HeartStation?or its authorized distributor(s). The “Registration Card?activates the terms within this agreement.

If the product is covered under the terms of this warranty, HeartStation will pay for reasonable shipping charges as the shipping agent without charge to the customer. If the product is not covered under the terms of the Manufacturers Limited Warranty, then the customer/distributor will be responsible for all shipping, handling and repair/replacement charges under the payment terms agreed upon.

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HeartStation Rescue Case
HeartStation Rescue Case
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HeartStation Rescue Case