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HeartStation Rescue Case
HeartStation Rescue Case

FAQ & Troubleshooting

  1. How do I "hook-up" to the security feature (remote alarm feature)?

The security feature of the RC2000_S and RC5000_S cabinets is easy to connect to any dedicated monitoring system (i.e. ADT, etc). The feature is “normally closed” and opens when the door of the cabinet is opened (thus setting off the alarm).

In order for the remote alarm to function, the security option feature must have been installed with the cabinet at the time of order.

Located on the interior back of the cabinet is a telephone interface connection box. Security experts can connect into the two (2) screw terminals inside of the box through the pre-drilled hole that leads into the box.

  1. Can the RC2000_S and RC5000_S be configured to be "normally open".


The circuit board is also equipped with a normally open connection. To utilize this connection, remove the circuit cover and reposition the connection from the security terminal block to pins 9 and 10 of the main terminal strip (TB1) to the small two position terminal block (TB2).

  1. Can the RC2000 and RC5000 be connected to an Autodialer?


We do not recommend any specific brand and your security system expert should be consulted. Connection is made into the telephone interface connection located in the rear of the cabinet. To facilitate this feature, the SECURITY OPTION must be added at time of ordering.

We recommend you contact your security support specialist to add this feature to your AED cabinet.

  1. Can I have a light lenses color in a different color?

Yes, our standard color is Red. However, we do offer a Blue light if you prefer at no extra charge.

  1. Where can I purchase additional keys?

Your RC2000, RC5000, or RC5300 includes two (2) alarm activation keys. If you require additional keys, they can be purchased through your Distributor or HeartStation customer Service.

  1. Will my AED cabinet call 911?

Only HeartStation cabinets with an integral Emergency Phone are capable of dialing 911 or preprogrammed numbers.  Please contact Sales for additional information.

  1. Do all HeartStation cabinets facilitate every model of AED on the market?

The RC2000, RC5000, RC5300, and TL1 will support almost every model of AED on the market. If a bracket is desired it is important that the specific AED used is specified. For AEDs with greater depth such as those offered by Cardiac Science or Zoll, the TL1 provides additional space over the RC2000, RC5000, or RC5300. The HeartCase family (HC1and HC1EE) only accommodate smaller AEDs such as the Philips Onsite, FRX, and FR2, Physio Control CRPlus, and HeartSine AEDs.

  1. How frequently should the batteries be changed?

RC2000 and RC5000 use a 12 volt and 9 volt

RC5300 uses a 9 volt

TL1 uses three 1.5 volt LR44 or AG13

9 volt and 1.5 volt batteries – We recommend that these batteries be changed twice per year.

12 volt battery - This battery is a lithium battery. The only time that this battery has a draw against it is during the signaling of the main alarm. As such, this battery may last many years depending on the frequency of use. Typical replacement of the 12 volt battery is between three (3) to five (5) years.

  1. Where can I purchase the batteries?

All batteries can be purchased through your Distributor or HeartStation Customer Care. The 9 volt and 1.5 volt batteries are readily available at most hardware stores.

  1. Is the window "break-away"?

The windows are NOT designed to break. High pressure impacts may cause the window to crack. Replacement windows available through your Distributor or HeartStation Customer Service.

  1. Why is my cabinet beeping?

There are two reasons that may lead to the RC2000 or RC5000 cabinet beeping:

    1. After the main alarm has been activated - there is a secondary beep that will signal approximately every ten (10) seconds. The secondary beep signifies that the cabinet has been opened and that the alarm system needs to be reset. Additionally, we recommend that you inspect you AED to ensure function and use.


    1. The RC2000 and RC5000 are equipped with a "Low Battery Detection" mean for the 9 volt battery. After the power level drops below a "predetermined level", an audible tone will begin faintly and then increase.

We recommend that the 9 volt battery be changed immediately if this signal is heard or after prolonged use.

  1. Why won’t the alarm stop on my RC2000 or RC5000?

Upon opening the door on these cabinets the alarm will be activated for about 30 seconds EVEN IF the door is re-closed. This feature is part of the theft deterrent system. The alarm will trigger for longer periods than that required to open the door, quickly remove the AED, and then close. Cabinets such as the RC5300 and TL1 alarm with door open and stop alarming with door closed.

HeartStation Rescue Case
HeartStation Rescue Case
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HeartStation Rescue Case

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